#45-5 Things You Must Quit For a More Successful Life

Can I ask you something? 

What do you want from this life?

Take a moment with that question... 

What do YOU want from THIS life? 

If you're anything like me, you want happiness. You want abundance. You want to feel satisfied when you fall asleep at night and thrilled to be awake in the mornings. 

Sound about right?

During our ongoing quest for a happier and more purposeful life, the things we do are very important. 

The places where we spend our time, the activities we add to our days, the people with whom we surround ourselves all have a powerful effect in our lives. But, believe it or not, the things you don’t do are just as important.

That’s exactly what I’m bringing you in this week’s episode of #CHATSwithGiGi. 

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Chats with GiGi - #45 5 Things You Must Quit For a More Succ

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