#43 - Affirmations and How they Change your Identity

Have you heard about my newest business Seizing Happy? 

How about affirmations? 

Well, the combination of these two is what prompted this podcast episode. 

I'll explain. 

Seizing Happy is my coaching program, dedicated to helping you create a better more purposeful life. Each week I share a  #SeizingHappy Tip of the Week and this week's was Adding Affirmations to your Routine 

My phone was blowing up with DMs and questions. Lot's of you told me you're curious and asked to learn more so I figured I'd get into it a little deeper on this episode of #CHATSwithGiGi. 

This episode is short and sweet and I can't wait to hear your takeaway from it! 

Oh! I almost forgot! Listen to the end for a freebie! 

Already know about affirmations? Are there any that you love? 

How has using affirmations added to your growth? 

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Chats with GiGi - #43 Affirmations


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